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Version 0.5 released

Discuss here about the IDE Program for Boriels ZX BASIC Compiler

Version 0.5 released

Beitragvon LCD_1 » 3. März 2013, 23:26

BorIDE 0.5 uploaded at usual place. Much stuff accumulated...

* TZX Saving readded again
* MegaLZ now displays length of files for direct comparsion.
* Last 21 searches are stored and can be recalled
* MegaLZ decompression, ApLib compression and Exomizer compression
* Find Function or sub (Shift + F3) finds the function or Sub and put the cursor to its position.
* Conversion Numbers to 8-Bit negative
* Conversion of DEFB Data to graphics in Painter
* Added BEEP Pitch <=> Frequency calculator
* sorted list on sidebar collects all SUBs and FUNCTIONs for faster access. List will be recreated everytime program is switched, loaded or tab is switched to bookmarks.
* Explicit-flag added
* Help text (calltips) now available also for subs and functions (Needs to be added to autocompletion list)
* Styling for List with SUBs and FUNCTIONs added
* Autocompletion now do not use GoScintilla Autocompletion, but my own (featuring two-word entrys and SUBs/FUNCTIONs), a long awaited feature
* Compiler warnings and errors are now annotated in source code (but you can switch this off)
* Painter Automask feature
* Binary Manager (saves the binaries list in bmi files - Binary Manager Information) with 128K support
* More types of binaries for memory map
* Interrupt creator works now and supports also switching the memory bank (if Music is in a different bank). Do not forget to POKE 23388 with the actual switched in bank (POKE 23388,16).
* Binary Compression with MegaLZ, ApLib or Exomizer

Bugs fixed:
* Source switching bug resolved, I hope, this time completly (but be careful and report any problems).
* Painter monochrome mode import of pictures does not keep attributes anymore if colour conversion was done before
* Brace Foreground Colour was not saved
* SaveAs saves now current directory for each individual tab
* Painter scrolling with cursor keys now possible if cursor hover over the zoomed image. No need anymore to click to gain focus.
* Now all compiler warnings and errors are displayed, not just the last one.

* SUB and FUNCTION now triggers folding only if at the very beginning of the line (Assembler SUB and GO SUB caused mess with folding, so please use indentation in ASM blocks)
* BASIC loader creator optimised and added support for 128K
* Interrupt Creator now only available from Binary manager ... rch%202013).zip
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